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School Uniform

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We consider that a smart uniformed appearance is an important element in terms of setting high standards and expectations at school. The co-operation of parents in helping us to set and maintain these high standards of appearance is essential. Many items of uniform can be obtained from local or national stores.

However, if you buy a plain grey jumper or cardigan then please purchase a school logo badge from the School Office to be sewn onto these items. We believe that it is part of our school ethos to display our school badge on the children’s uniform as it gives a common sense of identity and unity and is therefore an important part of our school uniform code.

We stock many items of good quality second hand uniform – all £1 per item. Please ask in the School Office if you wish to view our stock.


  • Grey trousers
  • Medium blue shirt (see note below)
  • Grey pullover (with embroidered school logo - available from Fusion1) 
  • Navy blue tie (available from school office)
  • Grey socks

Summer Uniform

  • Medium blue polo shirt (without tie)
  • Grey shorts or trousers


  • Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers        
  • Medium blue shirt with navy tie
  • Medium blue ‘V necked’ blouse (no tie)                                                          
  • Grey pullover or cardigan (with embroidered school logo - available from Fusion1)
  • White or grey socks (winter only), navy or grey tights

Summer Uniform

  • Medium blue polo shirt (without tie)
  • Grey skirt or blue and white check dress.

Shoes Black shoes (not trainers) these must be suitable for school and the playground i.e. no high heels or open-toed sandals. Girls shoes should have a strap/buckle or laces (i.e. not ‘slip on’).

NOTE – children in Reception class are expected to wear a polo shirt all year round, in order to enable them to change more independently for P.E

You will find a School Uniform list inc. price list below and supplier websites.

If you have any questions please contact the School Office.

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