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Please note that this school is temporarily closed except for vulnerable children and children of Critical Workers. Please contact the school office for more information should you require a place in school for your child.


Welcome to High Hurstwood CE Primary School.

High Hurstwood Church of England Primary School is a small and thriving rural school with just over 100 pupils, set in the village community of High Hurstwood.  Many parents from Crowborough, Uckfield and the surrounding villages send their children to us because of our high expectations and standards, combined with our welcoming family atmosphere, reflecting Christian values, where all members of the school community know one another by name. 

Reception Intake 2021

Please do watch our virtual tour and read our school prospectus and if you have any questions regarding our school, please do not hestitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

e-mail address: office@highhurstwood.e-sussex.sch.uk

Telephone:  01825 733231

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  • Important
    29 January 2021
    Fit in February - Fundraising for School Laptops!
    Dear Parents and Carers Please see the attached letter detailing a February Fundraising event. Please do get involved in this in any way that you can! Best wishes Jane Cook
  • Important
    25 January 2021
    Can you please read the enclosed letter about Remote Learning from Mrs Cook.
  • Newsletter
    8 January 2021
    End of week update!
    Dear Parents and Carers, Well, what a week! Thank you so much for bearing with us while we did our very best to get both the school ‘bubbles’ and the Home Learning activities up and running. I am very proud of the way that our school community has rallied round and got on with everything this week. The staff have all worked extremely hard to plan for both school and home learning. They have also been making as many phone calls to you as possible. If we haven’t spoken to you this week we will be making more calls on Monday. We do want to speak to every family to offer any help that we can, and also to just check in to see how you are all doing at home. The teaching staff are having a virtual meeting on Monday to look at the Learning Platform in order to ‘fine tune’ it in response to your many positive comments and your helpful suggestions. More details will follow next week. Please can I remind you to inform us if any member of the family has a positive covid test result. Also if any of you have symptoms and are awaiting test results, particularly if your child has been in school. It is extremely important that we are aware of any possible routes of transmission in order to minimise any risks within our school community. I will continue to check the office emails daily over the weekend. Do email with any urgent concerns or queries and I will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible. I do hope that everyone has a relaxing weekend. Mrs Cook
  • Home_learning
    5 January 2021
    Home Learning Updates
    Dear Parents and Carers, A quick update regarding the children’s home learning: The teaching staff have been working extremely hard over the last two days to ensure work is ready to be uploaded onto the Learning Platform for all children. Some staff have been able to load activities onto the site already, some are still finalising the work as they have been in school teaching the Key Worker children. Our aim is that all children will be able to access learning activities on the class Learning Platforms tomorrow. Further information will be sent out tomorrow with details of the expectations for the children in each class, in terms of the amount of work to complete each day. We know it is challenging to support your child’s learning at home, and we want to offer as much support as we can. We will therefore be making telephone contact with every family this week to ask if you require any additional support. If you have urgent queries, please do contact the school office by telephone or email and let us know. Best wishes, Jane Cook
  • Important
    4 January 2021
    Thank you!
    Dear Parents and Carers, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your messages of support and understanding today. It has helped to make a difficult situation that little bit easier for myself and all the staff, especially given that we know the situation is equally difficult for all of you as well. I will send further updates tomorrow, after we know what has been announced at 8pm tonight. In the meantime the teaching staff are working very hard to set up activities on the Learning Platform for the children. We will let you know once these are ready. In the meantime please do keep accessing the Learning Grids. Don’t forget, if you can’t see the COVID tab on the home page of the website, you need to click on the ‘3 line’ icon. The tab should then become visible. Further messages will follow tomorrow. In the meantime, please do contact me via the office email address if you have any concerns or queries. Best wishes Jane Cook
  • Newsletter
    18 December 2020
    Dear Parents and Carers Please find attached the final newsletter for this term. Happy Christmas everyone! Mrs Cook
  • Newsletter
    11 December 2020
    Please find enclosed a newsletter from Mrs Cook
  • Newsletter
    23 October 2020
    Newsletter and New School Vision!
    Please find attached: Newsletter 4 23-10-2020 A newsletter from the Governors. Exciting information about our new School Vision and Motto! Happy half-term everyone! Jane Cook
  • Newsletter
    11 September 2020
    Dear Parents and Carers Please find attached this week's newsletter. Regards Jane Cook
  • Important
    1 September 2020
    Back to School!
    Dear Parents We are very much looking forward to welcoming all the children back in school very soon! If you haven't already done so, please do complete the well-being survey that we sent out in July. This will give us valuable information to enable us to best support your child's transition back to full-time education. We are very much hoping to have this information from you prior to the parent-teacher transition meetings. So please do complete the survey by the end of the day tomorrow/Wednesday. Parent-teacher transition meetings: Please note that in order to minimise the risk of possible contact/contagion we are asking that one parent only attends these meetings and that you do not bring in your child's home learning books. Much as we would like to see their completed work we need to be cautious as we start to re-open the school to all children. Your child can attend with you but if possible without other siblings. Your child will have the opportunity to look around the classroom while you are talking to their teacher. If the weather is favourable we may decide to hold these meetings outdoors on the front terrace and lower playground. However, we would ask that all parents are wearing a face mask for these appointments, so please do remember to bring one with you. As mentioned previously, we do need to ensure we minimise any risk of contagion. The last thing we want is for staff to be unwell and have to be absent from school when your children return to the classrooms next week. Best wishes Jane Cook
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