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Buried Treasure and Saxon Hoards!

File:West Stow Anglo-Saxon village 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons 

We will be discovering answers to the following questions:

  • Who were the Saxons?
  • Where did the Saxons come from?
  • Why did the Saxons come to Britain?
  • Who were the Saxon's leaders?
  • Did the Celts want the Saxons to come to Britain?
  • What were the Saxon's beliefs and laws?
  • Who were King Alfred, The Venerable Bede and Beowulf?


As part of our Saxon Learning Journey, we will be reading the most famous Saxon story: Beowulf!

Click here to find out about the origins of the story.

Many of the words in the original tale of "Beowulf" are two-word descriptions known as "kennings". Follow the link below to find out about Kennings. Click here to find out about kennings.

File:Britain.Anglo.Saxon.homelands.settlements.400.500.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons


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