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Welcome to Eagle Class! We are the Year 5 and 6 class and this is our classroom.


Our teachers are:

Mrs Fry - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Stedham - Thursday morning and Friday.

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Moon (who is in class every day).

This term we are learning about World War II (Let Battle Commence)

wwii imageevacuees(1)

This term we are learning about the key events of WWII and, importantly, life in Britain during the War. We are studying from the perspective of children and adults during The Battle of Britain and The Blitz, including a study of rationing, the evacuation of children and events during an air raid.

Through dance, drama and music, the children are exploring the importance of entertainment during the war whilst science will help them understand forces (gravity), particularly in relation to parachutes and barage balloons - two key aspects of the aerial battle.

As a class we are reading Letters from a Lighthouse, a story of mystery and adventure tied up in the tragedy and events of World War II. 

The children are studying the important role that photographs and recorded information have in providing historical information. Then, in art, the children will be creating scenes from the Blitz, using colour blending and silhouette forms to present a striking image.

A trip to Newhaven Fort will help to bring together many aspects of their learning. 


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