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Welcome to Eagle Class! We are the Year 5 and 6 class and this is our classroom.


Our teachers are:

Mrs Fry - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday.

Mrs Stedham -  Friday.

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Moon (who is in class every day).

This term we are learning about The Victorians.


In our studies of the Victorian Era, we will focus on learning about many of the key developments of the time and the impact on life today.  We will place a spotlight on Victorian children and consider what life was like for both rich and poor children in Victorian Britain. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on contrasts with our lives today.

No study of the era can take place without looking at the people who made an impact and putting the era into historical context. Using both primary and secodary sources, we will investigate and evaluate the importance of this great age in British history.

For High Hurstwood Parents and children, please log in to your dB Primary account for further information about our topic, further information about the class and home learning tasks.

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